Friday, March 25, 2011

Who Let The Dogs Out...

Rook and his friend Austin both were top dogs
for their two classes for this 6 weeks
Rook's teacher said "He's such an amazing kid-He's funny, creative, insightful,respectful,which all come together to make him admired by his classmates as well as me.  I've truly enjoyed having him in class and getting to know him.

Maddie...the best dog I've ever had

Presley...who stayed in Alabama when we moved
 with his friend named Banjo...on a farm

Zaccheus the wee little devil dog

 I've always loved dogs, but married Kris the self proclaimed "Not an animal person".  I know that he really loves me because he has tolerated my love of dogs.  I love when he corrects and gets frustrated with our dogs because it sounds
like someone choking a goose.  His grandad would be so proud.  My first dog was Zaccheus, the wee little dog.  When gone to church, he ate through our laundry room door, and pulled my mom's curtains down and marked his territory with all kinds of presents...Then came Oscar the Wiener dog who got excited when people came over and would pee on their legs.
Sherman was next, the size of a bear cub, would jump on us when we tried to swim, and would howl when you'd sing, and could play hide and seek.  Kris bought me Presley, the Gold Retriever, when we moved from Alabama, he stayed to live on a farm with his friend.  Now there is Maddie.  Our friends gave her to us.  Molly dresses her up, Rook chases her, and she still loves us no matter what we look like or smell like.  She snores.
In the Bible it talks about dogs not eating Jezebel because she was so evil.  They are intuitive.  I'm proud of my top dog Rook!  Psalm 100 says, "Give thanks to the Lord for He is  good, His love endures throughout the generations.

Sherman the Sheepdog