Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Love A Parade!

We couldn't go to New Orleans without learning about the parades!  We took a tour of the main warehouse of Blaine Kern.  He has multiple warehouses that store the floats, tractors, and art studios that build props for Hollywood, Vegas, and the Mardi Gras Parades.  There are some real family friendly parades that take place on St. Charles street.  All of the families have a tall ladder that they put wheels and a box of seats for their little one to see the parade from and catch the prizes.  They decorate them and pass the ladders down for a tradition.  There are 5 parades a day for 2 weeks.  Blaine Kern's studio is responsible for 65 of these parades.  There are clubs and groups that are responsible for organizing each parade and its theme.  It looks like a lot of fun!  We got to see the Italian parade going on while we were there.  It was a "small" parade for New Orleans, but we were excited to see some in action.

The Italian Parade, See Rook trying to catch the beads!

On of the dance crews during the Italian Parade

This is the ticket that you wear on the tour

I was trying to show the huge 3 football field size warehouses that store the floats, tractors, and studios.

I'm a Queen

One of the floats from the 1800's

My Prince Charming

Molly eating King Cake With A King

The Chic Fil A Cows are made here

Molly tried to smell the huge paper flowers

Sunday, March 18, 2012

joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea...

These are some pics of the girl trip that Molly and I had to the Audobon aquarium in New Orleans while the boys did their thing with the youth group.
Albino Alligator!

an aviary





Jelly Fish!


go shorty, it's my birthday...

So, Friday was my birthday.  I'm 39 years young I tell you. Woo Hoo!  Kris did a great job of making the day special.  He got charms put on my charm bracelet, pink TOMS, and new jeans!  We got to eat at Papacitas, had an ice cream cake and he made my favorite breakfast!  We went to eat lunch at my mom's house the next day...chicken salad, blueberry soup, and mini shortcakes! I received a lot of sweet notes and phone calls, texts and facebook wishes.  Those always help me to swallow that I'm a little bit older than Kris.  (Emphasises on little bit)  Sorry, I forgot to get more pictures!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

On Blue Bayou-oooo

We got to take a swamp tour while in New Orleans...It is really amazing to see how creative God is.  Me made some new slimy friends, not just the amphibians...

A shrimp boat that was relocated to the swamp during hurricane Katrina and is still there

Lily pads!

A draw bridge

Captain Mike giving marshmallows to the alligators

Jake the 1 year old alligator

See dem beady eyes?

A Blue Heron

A 3 hour tour (echo) 3 hour tour

See Da Snake?

Wild Iris

Monday, March 12, 2012

vacation is having to get away...

This week 17 of our youth from FBC Wylie are apart of Mission lab from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  They are doing various projects from cleaning up the 9th ward, homeless ministries, and playing Bingo in a local nursing home.  It is awesome to think about the adults who are using their vacation time from work to invest in God's kingdom and the lives of these young people.  It is beautiful to watch.  Our family came to New Orleans to have fun a few days and encourage and join them in their efforts.

There are 9 other churches here serving together

learning to serve...Beyond the Church is the theme

This is the beginning worship rally, they meet and debrief daily 

Mrs. Tommye offered to let us borrow her van for the trip!  Woo Hoo for captain's chairs...They can't touch each other...
Rook calls it the Swaggin Wagon...respect the van

Here they are clearing lots for building purposes in the 9th ward part of New Orleans, where the levies broke first during hurricane Katrina

We ate at the Camilla Grill for sustenance for our journey

Molly found the joys of sling blading!  She found an overgrown side walk and worked until she cleared the path

Molly can find fun anywhere...He makes beauty from ashes

One of the Live Right homes from Brad Pitt's initiative to help rebuild this area

They are very artsy and creative

Posy Rosy with a Steam boat Paddle ship in the back ground

The group passed out sandwiches and lunch to the they are praying with some

These are balloon animal statues all over town for the SPCA