Friday, March 4, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...Lock In

Molly's First Sleep Over with Caitlyn
The Cups I Used...

The smell of finger nail polish and Fritos filled the air as I walked into the girls lock in tonight at the church's gym.  I was nervous to take pictures without the parent's okay so I showed you Molly's first spend the night guest. The leader's asked me to give a brief devotion so I talked (very fast because I was nervous) about Phil. 4:11-13.  I talked about how we are all like the cups shown, we might look different, some might be chipped, some are fancy, some are little, but we all have the same purpose and can be used by God.  Paul talked about being content in all circumstances and letting Christ give you the strength to go through whatever is dealt you.  It amazes me that Paul was in a dark, smelly, lonely, uncomfortable place while he was telling the Philipians to be content and thankful for whatever circumstance you find yourself in.  I have noticed that when I am content I can feel His presence and understand His guidance a lot clearer. I will say I was coveting some of the glittery roller skates I saw. 
In other news Molly pulled her second bottom tooth while adorning the Dr. Suess birthday hat.
Rook made A honor roll...only 10% of 4th grade did...Way to go!