Saturday, March 12, 2011


Chase the dog, sat by me

Mama B's cool car!

Laura Bush Cookies and Tea
from China!
 For my Valentine's day and my birthday, my sweet husband surprised me with a trip to see my favorite pastor's wife, friend,and mentor, Mama B. (a.k.a Sherry Blankenship).  She lives in St. Louis.  If you know me, you know what a huge blessing this is to get to spend time with her.  She is the reason why I have a relationship with Christ.  Since 7th grade I was able to see the Lord move and work in such precious ways in her life.  She is the essence of a gentle and quiet spirit, she loves the Lord and everyone around her, she is a dear wife to her "Prince", Bible scholar and teacher, and she can throw down a mean cookie any day of the week.  My hero!  I am sitting and soaking up as much wisdom as I can, but having a blast on the way!  Last night we went to the symphony at an incredible theatre called the Powell.  We heard Rachmaninoff performed, I liked finding out tidbits from to program like how big his hands were, and that there were only 2 chubby musicians in the whole symphony.Hmm...Maybe I should learn to play an instrument.  Afterwards we hunted down Ted Drewes for

Chocolate Concrete

some frozen custard.  Today we are headed out Junking and the bookstore.
I saw this prayer from Elisabeth Eliot and see that Mama B.'s witness would hold true to it;

Lord Jesus, I offer You
All that I am
All that I have
All that I do
All that I suffer
Now and Forever