Friday, August 26, 2011

See Your True Colors...

I am so thankful to serve a Creator.  He truly mind boggles me to imagine all the beauty and fun that He brings to the world to make eye candy.  Stop, see and smell the roses.   The Lord is good, His faithfulness continues through all generations. Psalm 100 
This blog is focused on Carnaby Alley Area of London
There are a lot of shops, pubs, and Alley ways that have shops in this area
This is a huge cherry sign on the side of a building here

Hamley's toy store, like a 4 story FAO Schwartz Store is in the area

This is Liberty of London one of my all time favorite department stores...4 stories
Candy store
Flower department
Fabric, notions, rug, housewares floor
I Love, Love, Love the smell of lavender, buy it for my house all the time, this is what Liberty smelled like
These are items for a make your own Fascinator hat/head band like a lot of guests wore to the wedding

there is also a bath and beauty floor, these were wrapped soaps

Subway tiles under Liberty