Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oh Lord Our God...

Got to visit the British Library...It was FREE!  Sorry, I couldn't take pics because of rules and such

A CHurch in Islington

Isacc Newton Statue outside the Library...He is buried at Westminster, I saw original manuscripts of some of his theories, handwritten, along with Charlotte Bronte diaries, Shakespeare, the Magna  Carta, Handwritten Beatles Songs, Alice in Wonderland, etc...

Shakespeare, the Bard, along with Original Guttenburg Bible and a Tyndale Bible, who gave his life in 1502, burned at the stake for translating the Bible from Latin to English, I am humbled that I have a Bible app on my phone, I appreciate the availability of God's word like never before, thank you William Tynsdale

Took this for Julie at the park in Islington their names are Tut adn Lulu

an Anglican Church in Islington

Derek with IBM Trustee, Rodger Freeman visiting from Tennessee, he baptised both Peyton and Eli Manning in New Orleans

Herrod's Department Store...Crazy Crowded I went to the toy department and left, not a fan...

Diana memorial at Herrods

view from bottom of Egyptian escalators at Herrods

Park Party advertisement
Think of the sound of the traditional door bell or clock tower chime.  Andy Flanagan told our group that it is the tune of an Old English Hymn, the words are, OH LORD OUR GOD, BE THOU OUR GUIDE, AND BY THY POWER, HELP US NOT SLIDE...