Friday, August 12, 2011

Help! I Need Somebody! Help!...

THis is one of my cream of wheat mixed with oatmeal

The vaccuums...there is a pink one named Hetty, the is Henry...

Like Heinz 57

Hope and Anchor a place in Islington

This is called Roast Pudding, the Bread is the Pudding

This is a Meringue, bigger than my fist.  See the couple behind me?  They were from Austrailia, Ruth and John.   I shared the Plan of Salvation with them.  They had never read the Bible.  The huge meringue, started the conversation.

Relief Tile in Islington

A side garden in Islington

Starbucks uses real cups, take away is their to go

One of the doors in the Highbury Center.

The riots have subsided.  Thank you for your prayers.  We hoped to help in the clean up efforts, but couldn't find who or where to go...Please continue to pray.  We happened upon a prayer service in St. Paul's Church, with singing, I teared up again.  It was encouraging to hear them ask for God's guidance and help in a real and personal way.  I'll share more pics later...We leave a 3:45a.m. to head to the airport.  I'll try to blog more there....I can rest for 3 hours if I can sleep now...CHeers!