Monday, August 8, 2011

London Bridges falling down...falling down

Meet the Borough of Islington, London

Local Park


My favorite shop in Islington, sold colored sugar by the pound for tea

Rob, an IMB missionary planting a church here...He's from Rockwall, Tx...he's doing a great job

Matt, another IMB missionary, he is champion!...Derek brought him Ranch dressing...

King's cross station

Prayer walking Islington

Local Futbol, Soccer team called Arsenal...crazy popular

In Piccadilly Circus

A Church meets here in Piccadilly Circus on Wednesday nights in the basement of this pub

Oliver Samuels from Pakistan is ministering here for the Anglican Church, to the Muslims

Oliver joined our group Bible study
There were 3 riots here in London today, 161 people arrested due to racial tension between the gangs.  We just missed them 2 times they occurred in areas our group had been near.  God's protection.  The people have been lovely, pleasant, welcoming and curious to spiritual things.  Pray for holy boldness amongst God's people to share their faith with friend, family, and community.  The Christians here are solid, unsure about outreach except through relationships.  It has been a brilliant day!  Tawnee, I bought you a William and Cate Mug and dish!...Please keep us in your prayers!  Help us to like Christ, empty ourselves and become servants...(Philippians 2:7)