Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Knock, Knock...

Meet Kensington , London

Kensington Castle where Diana raised the princes and where Cate and William are living after the renovations

See the Guilders?  They were laying down on the ground to place the
gold leaf piece

Outside St. Mary's Abbot Church in Kensington, London
The Poppy Wreaths for remembrance of soldiers

Huge Doorway to the Church..25 feet high to a stone hallway to the church door

Vaulted Ceiling in the stone walkway...amazing

Anytime I happened upon a church through town I tried to go in
and pray for London

Small Doorway on the outside...I guess I have a thing for doors? 
Who knew...

Huge doorway to the Sanctuary...20 feet

Posted on the big mamma door...sweet

Kneelers hung on the back of the pews

Door to the outside graveyard, the stones were so old you couldn't read the dates

Outer door

 A Plague pit close to the church, you are not allowed to build
on one, they are all throughout the city, it is where the bones
were buried of persons who died from the plague, mass graves
"I stand at the door and knock."..What a sweet invitation our Jesus extends us.  Seeing all the doors in these amazing churches in London reminded me of the Jewish  engagement tradition of the potential groom knocking on the potential brides door and hopefully being asked to come in and dine with the future bride and family, sharing a betrothal cup and meal.  Jesus was so loving to invite his people into a relationship with Him.  I am so unworthy, May I be still and know that He loves me dearly and have a conversation with Him today.