Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hello Mudda...Hello Fadda...I'm Here at ....

Austin and Burt

Burt Zip Lining

Super Soaker Wars
This week is kid's camp at Sabine Creek in Royce City, Texas.  Rook left this morning and has miraculously grown a mustache from the gumball machine at Red Robin.  He purchased one for everyday to wear for camp, think Burt Reynolds...who know's why?!? To him that meant camp.  Kris went out to set up for recreation and Molly and I went out for the hoe down, throw down at night.  Scott our children's minister and his wife Lori are doing a great job.  Rachel Goggins, from our church in Alabama has been here this summer helping our children's ministry and the kids call her Rockin' Rachel.  She is terrific and they love her.  "Let the Little Children come to me for such is the kingdom." 
Rook a.k.a....Burt or Mustachio
Lori and Scott Phillips our Children's Minister

Kris and "The Hat" preparing for Rec

Donna Busby and Lori

Rockin Rachel and Molly

1st grade swimsuits...so sweet

The Lads and band from New Zealand back for more...

Rook's 4th grade has to wear gray...I made him this Howdy shirt for the Hoe Down

The Canteen

Austin Gettin Down at the Hoe Down

The stache died

Got home in time to celebrate the 4th really quick...sparklers!!!!