Monday, February 28, 2011

The Sister

Thanksgiving 2010
She stuck Mimoasas in my ear!

I am looking at her and cheering!

Notice my brother comforting and my sister laughing...typical.

Her Wedding 1990

My Wedding 1996...Notice her art Hairdo...Payback!

My Sister
God knew that I would need another mother hen in my sister.  Nothing keeps me more humble.  She has kept me in line from day one, singing me lullabies, dressing me up, allowing me on her cheer squad etc.  She goes around town collecting clothes for me and Molly.  She is an incredible mother, (her kids eat vegetables and display manners without prodding!) wife, gifted decorator, cook, has a growing relationship with Christ, loyal friend having many from childhood, keeps in touch with extended family, yes awesome!  I will always be her number one cheerleader.  She is the only one that I trust to take with me swim suit shopping...Her faces tell all.  Last time we went she introduced me to "The Miracle Suit."  The only fault I can think of is that she is known to throw down Banangram at any moment and will mess with my game pieces if I'm winning.  Boo, Hiss...She has an unhealthy obession with that game I tell ya. 
    My prayer today for me and her is that we would have steadfast devotion as Ruth, be responsive and sensitive to the needs of others like Esther.  I pray that we would always find time to sit in learn at Jesus's feet like Mary of Bethany.  I pray that we be grateful like the women who washed Jesus's feet with their hair and tears,and be as generous as the widow who gave all that she had.  I pray that she know how deeply Jesus loves her and I do too.  Song from 'The Color Purple'..."Sister you've been on my mind. sister, we're two of a kind, so, sister I'm keeping my eye on you.."