Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Stars at Night...

Our Seats at American Airline Center
Rook won a $25.00 Chili
gift card from the floating pepper

Just when you think all is wrong with the world, someone goes and does something nice.  Today a mystery church member blessed us with 4 tickets to see the Stars game.  We were fresh out of green face paint for Rook and Molly couldn't find her sparkily gold pom poms, but we had fun none the less.  Any place that serves 8 different flavors of Slurpees makes me an automatic fan! Psalm 29:2 says "Give unto the Lord the glory due His name;worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness."  I am thankful that the Lord fills my life with glorius riches such as love, joy, and peace to be shared like our friends shared with us.  I see that when I share His riches they tend to multiply.  So I pray that I wont do as the world tells me to do and hold tight to earthly things such as money,etc.  I pray that I will worship Him daily. Praise Him for the beauty of a new day.  I hope that I will open my heart to Him and allow Him to flood my soul with riches. Go! Stars!
Molly literally climbing the walls!
In other news...Bubbe (my mom) will be glad to know that Molly attended her first gymnastics class in efforts to rid my walls of little foot prints.