Sunday, October 2, 2011

Junk in the Trunk

So, part of celebrating Kim's birthday, we went junking in Roundtop and Warrenton, TX.  This was validation to me that my family is not the only one that decorates eclectically...I almost felt normal.  My sister and my mom have the gift of finding beauty in the ordinary and sometimes making it sparkle...I try, but I don't think I have the gene as strong as they do.  My sister's mother in love, Mary Francis, and her best friend Molly also have the delicate gift that can walk the thin line of trash or class..I enjoy observing them in action, they can go for hours with peanut brittle administered as needed.
My Auny Mary is in the front...proof that this junking gene is in my blood

Bubbe carrying the junking burden

A see-saw made out of tractor seats...the farmhouse had one!

Homemade pies, kettle korn, peanut brittle, BBQ...Sustained us on our junking journey

Creepy junk

Potty break in an air conditioned, with a sink and playing joy to the world porta potty

My treasure, purchased by Bubbe to hang in my house, the gift to me and Kris for the entire year of gift giving opportunities, I'm not sure if Kris appreciates it like I do...apparently it is a domination, not recess church...I still like it

FYI the sparrow shot cock robin with a bow...

Glitter clothespins...must make!
Isaiah 61:10 says " The Lord makes me very happy.  All that I am rejoices in my God.  The Lord has covered me with clothes of salvation.  He has covered me with a coat of goodness."  I am so thankful that the Lord created each of us with unique talents, so it is pointless to compare myself to others.  I am so unworthy of the gift of Christ's death for my salvation.  His children are a jewel in His crown.