Sunday, September 18, 2011

They Call The Thing Rodeo

They had buses to shuttle us from the parking lot to the Rodeo

Molly Rides Rusty every year

He is a minature horse and she has picked him for the last 4 years

Sam our Student Minister with more cicken

The student ministry brought our inflatables and raised money for youth camp

These guys were kinda serious gangsta cowboys...Sam wanted a picture

It rained!  The rodeo was cut short but we were thankful for the rain!

Yee Haw!  Hey Howdy Hey!  It was rodeo weekend in Wylie.  Our church sponsors a gate.  There is Mutton Bustin' which Rook accidentally placed 4th in when he was 6 (long story) and all the good stuff, dust mud, etc.  Molly was not a fan of the cattle roping...there was one lonely Woo Hoo! that she yelled when a calf got away!  We left soon after.  My favorite part is the grand entry where locals ride too.  There is usually a 50 year old sweet lady who rides around wearing a sparkly body suit during the National Anthem.  I think I have body suit envy, her flag usually shoots out Roman Candles during the Rocket's red glare part...I feel jipped because she wasn't here this year, a young maiden with a sparkly shirt, not body suit, replaced her, and the patriotic speech was prerecorded, no coughing!  At least there was cotton candy and Rusty!