Thursday, February 23, 2012

I L-o-v-e love you

These are very random pictures of things I loved last week...

1.  Rook's teachers

Rook's teacher allowed her class to use the glass doors to help calculate their

 2.  While putting out the garbage, I was reminded of Colorado's garbage experience.
Thankful that my garage doesn't have a beware of bears sign like in Colorado...

Kris is doing a new series on the Beatitudes...Nero the horse made an appearance on the stage to help illustrate meekness being strength under control, he has also used a casket, and a pizza guy...guess what for ?

Nero held it in for 3 services...but not the 4th...we'll never forget Nero

Jack Riley my nephew and his dad Eric always place in the father son cake decorating contest...see why?

Rook and Dayton made their debut Lacrosse game!

Molly received her Bible...all the 1st graders in our church get we are waiting

Sorry it is fuzzy but this is a pic of Kris accidently beating me in the mouth with Molly"s brand new Bible !  There was blood, I have witnesses...He says he was trying to hug Molly and I got in the way..hmmm

There wasn't a plastic baby as usual in our cake!...

Happy Birthday Jack Riley!